Welcome To The Fruition Of A 2000 – Year – Old Idea!

Over 2000 years ago a free market system of economy existed.
This system involved a barter process of exchanging goods and services.
The goods and services were the forms of currency used at the time.

With the commencement of EzyCard, we have done away with the difficulties of traditional Barter Trading.

EzyCard has done away with general trading restrictions of traditional bartering. Instead if you trade within the EzyCard Exchange, prices of goods and services are set by the market and ultimately, you’re bottom-line improves dramatically. As EzyCard continues to increase its membership base, opportunities for businesses that buy and sell will expand, and the economic benefits will ripple throughout the business community.

At EzyCard our mission is simple – to dramatically improve your sourcing process and your ability to get new business. We provide your business with access to an international sourcing market and an international market of customers. So in dealing with EzyCard we have developed the following advantages for your business;

  • The suppliers that you work with have a mutual interest and are the right suppliers
  • The prices that you pay are determined by the market
  • The bottom-line results are virtually immediate


Somewhere, whether you are the merchant or a purchaser in EzyCard, you will be smiling

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